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Hi, all.
What suppliers do you recommend for small quantities of high-quality carrier oils, such as those from Gustav Heess, as an example?  I recently purchased cold-pressed, organic almond oil -- in a glass container, typically a sign of quality -- from Mountain Rose Herbs and was not impressed given it was odorless and overly light in color.  (Similar to how it is for purchasing other components, it seems like one has to go from site to site cherry-picking oils.)  Thank you.


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    Since when did glass containers equate to quality.  I think glass containers relate to marketing and the perception they want to create in your mind.  The manufactures do not ship in glass, only the re-packers do.  Therefore it is only a created perception.  Just think of how many fake and watered down essential oils get sold every glass!

    Also your perception of quality would be different than mine.... if I received something with strong color and odor..., I would perceive this as lower grade or unrefined, and probably unusable in premium products.  I typically use oils and butters from ICSC-Denmark, and they will be clean and mostly odorless.  I can not me battling colors and smells in my products.  Oils are basically fatty acid profiles....and the removal of colors and smells, generally does not change the fatty acid profile.

    ICSC products have been available from Make your they have recently sold the business, and who knows where the new owners will source their oils and butters.

    The other place I have gotten really good oils NDA.  I do not know their source.
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