Best suppliers for quality SCI Powder that doesn't make me itch

As a recent hobbyist, I have learned from a year of trial and error that SCI quality varies widely from reseller to reseller. For instance,

the grade I got from makingcosmetics was total crap. It consistently made me itch horribly and at first i chalked it up to my 'sensitive skin' but I switched to an SCI surfpro from Lotioncrafter and the itching INSTANTLY went away and I have had NO issues at all. 

Now I'm ready to scale up and order SCI Powder in bulk. But I'm still making stuff from my kitchen. 

What are you recommendations for the best suppliers of SCI Powder/High Purity/quality that won't make me itch? 


Thank you!


  • emma1985emma1985 Member
    I buy from Lotioncrafter. I really like theirs. 
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