How calcium from hard water bind to hair?

If we rinse our hair with hard water after Shampoo, How does calcium from hard water attach to our hair?

A) It has positive charge and binds with negative charge of hair.

B) it just sets on top of hair with no charge attachment


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Ca (and Fe, Mg. Al) ion does not really attach to our hair, it just prevents other charged materials from rinsing off the hair or skin keratin. In other words: its the water not the keratin. Why EDTA is essential to so many formulas. Hair conditioners & dyes, that's another story: you want those to remain deposited so for those, minerals in your water are your friend.
  • @chemicalmatt so hard water will help the deposition for conditioners like Amodimethicone. Did i get your point? 
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