Lidocaine HCL degrading problem

Hello! İ would like ask a related question  about LidocaineHCL?

İ made a salve serum solution that contains %5 lidocaine HCl.İt was so basic formul.
But its effectiveness has been degrade day by day.
how i can protect its stability? Should i do its form as a gel form?
thanks a lot. 


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
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    A: In many countries, lidocaine 5% is considered a prescription drug
    B: It's light sentitive
    C: pH for best stability is 6-6.5
    D : You may want to add BHT or similar to increase stability
    E: What the heck is a salve serum solution?
  • thanks for feedback Mr.Pharma.
    somebody told me clove oil can support its efficiency.Could it be true?
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    Clove EO contains mostly eugenol which is, like lidocaine, a local anaesthetic. Cloves were used for centuries against toothache.
    Pro: Very good skin penetration
    Con: Strong smell and rather short action because of fast resorption and volatility
  • PattsiPattsi Member
    clove oil, Lidocaine, menthol - I can see where this is going.

    Are you sure you want to use menthol and clove oil? They can sting the inside of the recipient. 

    Make sure you do the irritation test properly.
  • Thank you for all response.
    i am gonna discard the menthol and i 'll make an emulsion wth lidocaine and clove oil.
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