Tranexamic Acid

this seems to be ine of the ingredients of the moment. what does everyone think? anyone had experience using or formulating with it? where are you purchising it from? thanks 


  • vitalysvitalys Member
    As it is mentioned in the literature this acid is comparable to hydroquinone against pigmentation. I would say it has low efficacy and hydroquinone is still a standard. 
    Please see the file attached
  • PattsiPattsi Member
    low efficiency topically, IMHO alpha-arbutin is better.
    quite effective in intradermal cocktail tho.
  • I've made moisturizers with 3% and 5% tranexamic acid as suggested by the studies I've seen. My usual moisturizer has niacinamide and it works for me. Adding tranexamic acid to my usual routine did nothing in terms of brightening but it did improve the appearance of blood vessels around the nose. The effect was quite small and wasn't worth the price of tranexamic acid for me.
  • I tried using 3% tranexamic acid serum on my face (hyperpigmented regions) for 2 weeks. No difference. Probably should have given it more time?
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