Using one tank versus two tanks?

So why do we use two pots when doing oil into water?

Why not just heat the water/emulsifier/oil up to 75C and homogenize?

I know why but can't technically explain.  Can someone help with a technical explanation?  Or maybe link to a document I can read.

Thank you!


    • @chickenskin ;
    • I think it depends on the type of product and what raw materials being used in the product. If it is a simple lotion/cream, you could simply do one pot reaction and homogenize. But in some cases when you have inorganic or some organic actives, For example: Zinc Oxide sunscreen, you want to disperse it in oil phase and then add to water phase. Adding ZnO directly mixture of water and oil would not give very good product.
    • Another reason could be scale up of the product, In lab you have may be 1-5kg of product, you can shear it higher rate and see the product top to bottom in glass beaker. In scale up, they would want to make sure everything is fully dispersed, nothing precipitates or agglomeration of materials. So replication of 2 pot lab method for product upscale 
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