Need help to formulate a vehicle for Topical Dutasteride ( non commercial project )

Hi people,

I got hand on Raw Dutasteride.

Since topical dutasteride has success on hair loss, i would like to formulate for myself a topical solution of dutasteride.

My first concern is the vehicle to use.

Dutasteride has a good affinity with fat and lipids, the goal is to be able to retain the dutasteride on the scalp skin, thus, dutasteride having a long half life, it could accumulate in the scalp and prevent DHT formation.

Having a too much penetrant vehicle may me bad because of too much systemic effect.

I think there is more to do than a "simple" eth/pg/water vehicle.

Maybe using eth/water/poly80 ? Or maybe a cyclodextrine ? Or i was thinking about kolliphor el ?

A "readily" vehicle to use can be fine for me...again, me goal is not to sell's just for me, and my personnal use.

Anyone could be able to get me some inputs about ? The dose i plan to use will be 0,02% dustasterid, twice a week.

Thanks a lot people :)

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