Soild perfume

Hi Pros,

I am trying to formulate Solid perfume with the below formula: 
Beeswax 25%
Candelila wax 10%
Cetyl Palmitate 2%
Mango Butter 20%
Jojoba Oil 10%
Glycerine 2%
Vit E 1%
PERFUME OIL 30% ( Synthetic)
Do I need to use any fixative in this to make it long lasting? How long should the perfume last in solid form? 


  • Any help from the experts would be highly appreciated
  • RedCoastRedCoast Member
    edited August 2021
    Where is your emulsifier? That glycerin will eventually seperate, and beeswax is not an emulsifier.
    Do you know what the skin exposure levels of your perfume oil is? Not all fragrance oils can go that high for deodorants... I've seen many synthetic ones with a maximum level of 7% or less.
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