Is %3-4 NACL in shampoo bad?

I use %10 SLES and %1 CAPB in shampoo. to add %0.8 Glycol distearate i need higher viscosity that i can achieve by increasing the NACL to %3-4. I dont want to increase the amount of CAPB or add any extra thickner that increase cost and working time.

Does %3-4 NACL have any negative effect in Shampoo compared to %1.5-2?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Increased eye stinging perhaps?
  • @Perry thanks 
    This Shampoo is for adults so they may be able to protect there eyes.
    Is there any effort for skin and hair? 
    Is it common for shampoos to use that amount of salt? 
  • MapXMapX Member
    I think you should try divalent salts like magnesium sulfate to reduce the amount of salt used.

  • em88em88 Member
    It will dry up the skin/scalp, but since you are going for an ultra cheap shampoo, I believe this is not something important. 
  • @MapX how about sodium citrate? 
  • @em88 i want to make very good shampoo if not the best one. I have tried many surfactants. The best was ISELUX which was %10-20 better than SLES but 10 times more expensive than SLES. That much quality is not worth that much price.

    What other primary surfactant do you suggest to replace SLES? 

    Drying the scalp is a problem that i want to avoid. Thanks for mentioning that.

    If i use ammonium chloride or sodium citrate to thicken the Product instead of sodium chloride, would that also make the skin/scalp dry? 
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