Hand Wash formulation

We have a Hand Wash formulation maned Fresh Time Hand Wash, being a surfactant formula base formula we have been facing a problem in our formulation, like after using our Hand Wash (washing hand with plenty of water/rubbing properly) still the foam remains on hands, if anyone rubs again yet foam comes out from hands, even if for twice or thrice foam remains.     

Could you guys please tell us what should we add or detect from our formulation, our formulation as following for 100 Litres Hand Wash: 

1. Aqua- 68 Ltrs
2. SLS-  8 KG
3. SLES 8 KG
4. CAPB 4 KG
5. Glycerin 4 KG 
6. Citric Acid/Sodium Hydroxide- 1 (depending of pH level- 6-8) 
7.  Sodium triphosphate- 2 KG
8. Sodium Chloride-  5 KG 
8. Preservative/Color/Fragrance 
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