W/O Cream Stability

AndrewSeelAndrewSeel Member
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I have a w/o cream 
Shea Butter 2-5%
Zinc Oxide 10-20%
Lanette O 1-3%
IPM 1-6%
Paraffin 5-12%
Petrolatume 1-5%
Beeswax 0.25-2%
for emulsification used 6% of Span 80+Span 60 and added GMS. I feel it not homogenous enough and not stable enough,

So I added Polysorbate 60 which is o/w in very small percentage like 0.5% as a stabilizer which gave a good homogenous cream actually but not sure if the Emulsion has maintain w/o form and stability will be fine?!

Also I added Magnesium Sulfate 0.5-1% I have tried Xanthan but has not give good result, 

I appreciate your help in this please....
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