Basic shampoo formula separating

Hi guys, 

Currently building a new 'natural' shampoo formula for a customer and having a very weird problem. Shampoo gets slowly separating on the top after 1 day! I tried different mixing methods and all comes down to separation after 1 day or few weeks. Maybe some of you have an idea why does it happen? Could it be because of cationic guar quality?

I tried mixing it in few ways but result is always the same, formula can get stable for few weeks and then small amount of oils appear on the top. I have no idea why, maybe I missed something you can spot right away.

Formula below:

Water q.s.
Coco glucoside 15%
Lauryl glucoside 10%
Cationic guar 0.5%
Non-ionic guar 0.5%
Glycerin 1% (dissolving guar in it)
Caprylic/Capric triglyceridies 0.75%
EO blend 0.3%
Citric Acid q,s,
Preservatives q.s.
Claim ingredients <1% (oils, herbs etc.)

Thanks for help :smile:


  • Removing caprilic/capric triglycerides and it will be solved. This ingredient is oil and will separated overtime.
  • CyroCyro Member
    I do not think it is the issue. I created multiple conditioner shampoos with oily ingredients inside, also with such amount of glucosides it is not possible that these oil separated that quickly.
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