Cream face wash soap based too foamy! Ways to deaerate?

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Hi all. 

I have been developing a cream face wash which is soap based. 

I have figured the amount of fatty acids, lye and surfactants. But while making the face wash, there is so much foaming.  

I have tried deaerating post emulsification, before adding surfactants.. still there's too much foam. How do I overcome this?

Please help!


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Probably, use a different mixer. What type are you using?
  • @Perry I am using a propeller stirrer, 4 bladed. I also have 3 bladed (flat one). Please suggest a suitable type. 
  • When talking about face wash cream type, the first thing is that your surfactant concentration must be high in order to thicken the cream. Then, during neutralization process, soap gel (aka lamellar gel) will appear which entraps alot of tiny bubble inside. There is no way that can remove entile buble for cream face wash. However, you can control your producy density to >0.9g/ml and it will not affect producy quality.

    Next, there are 2 types of traditional cream face wash. 1 is soap base which made of fatty acid and alkaline agent like KOH. 2nd one is crystallization of amino acid surfactant (mainly cocoyl glycinate), which is easier to degas during manufacturing process.
  • @MetalizeMerz Thanks for your input. I am using fatty acids and KOH. 
    I will look into the second method you have mentioned; it's totally new to me. 
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