Packaging testing

Does anyone have printed reference for the following tests?

1. Product resistance test for labels
2. Ink rub test
3. Barcode scannability
4. Tape test and Ink peel-poff test
5. Light fade test
6. Tear strentgth
7. Leek and seepage test
8. Hinge test
9. Vacuum leak test


  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    I'd be interested in one too. I don't think I've ever seen any outside of proprietary, company-specific SOP's.
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  • @Bobzchemist I tried searching the internet but links refer me to, which is a testing lab where I'll have to pay for these tests. 
  • I want to importing bulk cosmetics from overseas and packaging in the US under my own brand name.

    I am planning to do Skin irritation, eye irritation and preservative efficacy testing for these products.

    Which skin/eye irritation test should I do? There are companies that do animal testing (with human tissue) and others use human subject (RIPT).

    For eye, some use HAT-CAM test and others Epi Accrual. which one should I do. Which test should I do? 
    And lastly, do I need to do shelf life testing for these products also?  

  • You have to start your own topic to get a reply.

  • apersonaperson Member
    (reopening for following links):

    ^^ video of procedures (ex: ASTM D6252 for 90 degree label peel testing).

    ^^ sample sop (generic)

    ^^ "Label Qualification Plan" (why this comes into play).

    carry on.

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