Ethyl alcohol from sugar Yield


I'm trying to make alcohol from sugar cane molasses and/or white sugar as raw materials, the process is pretty simple and it's profitable in my country, the ethyl alcohol ~90% cost arround 2.6$/kg,  sugar molasses 0.5$/kg and white purified sugar 0.75$/kg.

I made the stoichiometry and have teorical yield, but I have no practical vyield, I want to know if someone has any expertise and could bring me a hand with that to help me select from white sugar or molasses, I have not a small distiller so it's a big risky and costly to try both on a big distiller.

I think that is easier and still profitable to use purified sugar that I think that doesn't need pre-trreatment as acidulation and sedimentation prior to yeast fermentation, but I can't find sources with yields from both process to make the choice


  • It seems that white sugar doesn't have nutrients for the yeast to grow efficiently, and the yield goes from 15-25% in both cases. I will appreciate any input 
  • Benz3neBenz3ne Member
    To clarify, you're not distilling?
    You'll only get somewhere between 15-25% max that way depending on how hardy your yeasts are. Anything above that and it's too challenging a condition for yeast to survive.
    Thereafter you'll need to distil to have high concentrations of ethanol.
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