Formulating with Keradyn HH

ZaraZara Member
Hi everyone,
Is there anyone here has some success with Keradyn HH?
I have done a lots of trials with this ingredient but the result always is the same, It separates. I tried everything , adding at the beginning, middle and the end of process, tried different amount, adding to oil phase, used some solubilizer and every time it ruins the emulsion.
I Can't find much info on the internet so I asked the supplier to give me some info and they told me  this ingredient is a bit tricky, we charge you $250/hour to fit it in to your formula. 
I Really appreciate your help.


  • You say you asked the supplier, but have you asked the manufacturer?
  • @helenhelen
    No I have not. That's a good idea but not sure if they reply to me. 
    Thanks for reply.
  • kotkot Member, PCF student
    @helenhelen Where are you getting Keradyn from?  Have you sorted your separation problem? 
  • @helenhelen , Sorry for late reply, I just saw it and you might have found your answers.
    I've bought Keradyn HH from in Australia. I gave up on it. I tried  the method they gave me but still didn't work. I finally added more emulsifier and it thickened up but I didn't like its feeling on my hair because it was too heavy. Sorry for not seeing your message. 
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