Mixing what ingredient with what phase

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hi i was reading this article and this is what it says "The powdered form of panthenol should be added to the water phase.

However, it is more soluble in its sodium form. The liquid form should be added to the cool-down phase." what do you guys think about this I usually add mines to the water phase. and it also stated this "Extracts These have a boiling point, so add to the water phase once cooled down." what do they mean by this the water phase and the oil phase have to be the same temperature so how am i going to add it to the water phase when it cooled?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Panthenol is water soluble so it doesn't matter much when you add it to an aqueous based formula.  But yes, you add it to the water phase.

    As far as "extracts have a boiling point".  Well, that depends on what the solvent is used in the extract. If it is an alcohol based extract then yeah you want to add it on the cool down phase because the alcohol might boil off. But if it is a glycerin based extract or propylene glycol like most, it doesn't much matter when you add them. Although most of the time the extract is added at the end just in case some of the ingredients in the extract may break down with heat.
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