How to make suspension soap

I have been trying to make scrubby melt & pour soaps with coffee grounds, poppy seeds, walnut powder. I wait till soap reaches 120 F to add the exfoilants, and mix thoroughly before pouring into mould. But, it doesnt stay suspended, most of them end up in the bottom. Is there anyway I can make them suspended uniformly in the entire soap?

I have read about adding 2% Carboxy methyl cellulose into the base before adding exfoilants. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


  • Hello Trisha,

    CMC is not a suspending polymer, I recommend using Xanthan gum instead if you want to rely on polymers.

    Personally I use Kaolin or Fumed silica, they have suspending qualities but must be used carefully since they can affect the sensorials.

    In the end it will depend greatly on the average size of the particles you want to suspend, while this is not a problem in regular soaps, in melt and pours it may cause sedimentation problems.
  • Thank you for the reply, I will try with fumed silica then.
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