no foam surfactant

I'm working on a novel, powdered formula which requires a powdered, gentle, no foam surfactant, or some type of emulsifier maybe. Just need an ingredient with some cleansing properties that is powdered, water soluble, and produces no foam. Any recommendations? Thank you!


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Cleaning requires wetting and that is due to reduced surface tension. That's where surfactants get their name from and that also means they will foam.
    If you're looking for something which dissolves sebum and reduces surface tension without producing foam, use ethanol... however, you'll have to get ONE OF THESE if you need solid booze.
    You could try to adding an anti-foaming agent; alas, these quite often reduce cleaning performance as much as they reduces foam.
    Another option would be porous material like zeolite or silica which act as oil-binders and abrasive cleaning agents.
    Good luck!
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