recommendation for bachelor/master of cosmetic science by online-education system

Hi everyone, I'm from Indonesia and I'm looking to deepen my understanding in cosmetic science by enrolling in a bachelor/master degree in this field.

I do not have science background (such as organic chemistry), which many universities listed it as a prerequisite, but I'm willing to learn it.

My past education was mainly on computer & linguistic which has no correlation with cosmetic industry. I did graduated from IPCS which taught me a lot about the world of cosmetic formulation, but still I'm eager to know much more about this industry and the chemistry behind the ingredients.

I'm looking for a full online-education system which do not requires me to attend the class as I'm doing a full time-job right now. I got some reference from this forum, and it seems only University of Cincinnati that offer this online-education.

- Do you guys have any suggestions for me?
- I have inquired University of Cincinnati, and they told me I have to take a graduate course in advance (with organic chemistry & calculus as a compulsory study) before taking the cosmetic science major.

Again, organic-chemistry seems interesting, but Calculus? How does it relates with cosmetic science. (I'm not so good at math...)

- Lastly, I checked some curriculums of several universities. Actually I really like Fairleigh Dickinson University, Cosmetic Science. It seems very relatable can be used in the formulator world. Here is what they put on the site (too bad they don't have the online-education system for this major).

Required courses, 20 credits

  • COSC6547 Skin Care Raw Materials & Formulations
  • COSC6543 Hair Care Raw Materials & Formulations
  • COSC6548 Cosmetic Science Laboratory
  • PHYS6753 Applied Colloid & Surface Science
  • CHEM6526 Product Development
  • CHEM6529 Microtoxicity and Biochemistry
  • BIOL6756 Dermal Pharmacology & Immunology

Cosmetic science electives, 6 credits

I'm looking to understand more about formulation, rather than developing the chemical raw ingredients actually. But anyway, sorry if I'm saying in such a nonsense way. I really hope to hear your insight guys.

Warm regards,

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