HLB of emulsifiers

Can an emulsifier have different HLB when produced by different manufacturers? 

These are some emulsifiers with HLB from my supplier 
Polyglyceryl 4 Laurate 11
Polyglyceryl 10 oleate 12.5
Polyglyceryl 10 stearate 12.5
Polyglyceryl 6 oleate 10
Polyglyceryl 6 stearate 10
Polyglyceryl 6 di stearate 9.5
glyceryl caprylate. 5.5
glyceryl oleate 4.0 
Glyceryl stearate 4.5

When i search these emulsifiers in google they have different HLB. 


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    These are sometimes even listed as HLB-independent especially given that the HLB system is based on and made for PEG-derivatives.
    All, even glyceryl stearate (which is often a mixture of glyceryl monostearate with glyceryl monopalmitate and to some degree di-esters thereof), are not a fully defined chemical compound but mixtures and hence, hypothetical HLB will be different, sometimes even between batches and not just between manufacturers. The longer the hydrophilic side chain (increasing number of the polyglyceryl part), the higher the possibilities for a more diverse molecular mixture. PEG-derivatives always have a straight PEG-chain and a single fatty acid attached to one end, polyglyceryl esters can be branched and the fatty acid may be attached anywhere. Different production methods result in different blends too.
  • @Pharma thanks 
    This information was very helpful 
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