Feedback on rinse-off hair conditioner


I'm new at formulating/manufacturing cosmetics products, so I'll really appreciate any help with my rinse-off conditioner formula

Problem: My hair (curly, dry) is still a bit frizzy! and not enough conditioned :disappointed:

Cetrimonium chloride5
stearamidopropyl dimethylamine3
Argan oil1
Coconut oil1
Shea butter1
Cetyl alcohol3.5
Stearyl alcohol2.5
Hydrolyzed Keratin2
PEG-12 Dimethicone2
Polyquaternium 72
Citric Acid0.8

  • What would you change to make this formula better?
  • Increasing oils % would help?
  • heating water+cetrimonium chloride+stearamidopropyl dimethylamine up to 80 C is OK as procedure?
  • Adding dimethicone or cyclomethicone would help?
I'm also planning to add about 5% of claim ingredients for marketing purposes. 

Thank you!!


  • Here is what I would change:

    1. Lower Cetrimonium Chloride to 0.5% (or lower). I don't know where you live, but 5% is far too high and exceeds the legal limit in some places.

    2. Hydrolyzed keratin can be lowered to claims levels.

    3. Polyquaternium 7 will be equally as effective at 1%

    4. Not sure if you've already made this, but you seem to have a lot of thickener in there. If it works as is, then leave it.

    5. 1% seems ridiculously high for your fragrance. I usually use <0.5%.

    6. Not sure if this has been challenge tested but I'm not confident that 1% phenoxyethanol will suffice for preservation. 
  • Hey @natzam44 thank you for your answer! Would you swap the cetrimonium chloride for another ingredient? or just leave as it is at 0.5%?
  • @MariaG I would keep it in at 0.25%
  • @MariaG I also wanted to ask if that citric acid was in solution? If not, then 0.8% will most certainly be too much. I personally use a 20% solution and check the pH with a pH meter every 2-3 drops for samples (40g).
  • @natzam44 yes, it is a solution! Will do the 2-3 drop process! Thanks :smiley:
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