Ingredients required to make an oil cleanser

I'm trying to make an oil cleanser and so far I've just mixed oils like grapeseed, sunflower and a couple more. However, when I look at formulations of other cleansing oils, I see that Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, pentylene glycol, stearyl glycyrrhetinate etc are included as well. Do I require all these? Do I require a preservative like phenoxyethanol or cleansing agent like sorbeth-230 tetraoleate? Capric Triglyceride is used to replenish skin but I don't see why skin replenishment is required while cleansing with an oil cleanser (no moisture loss happens)? I'm sorry if this is dumb, I'm just super confused cuz I know some of these ingredients are for thickening purposes but I don't really want to thicken the oil as its supposed to effortlessly slide onto the skin while removing makeup! Send help! 


  • The minimum requirements to make an oil cleanser is normally just lipid + emulsifier. The emulsifier just needs to be able to be soluble in the lipid. 

    If you are making a balm, then a lipid suitable thickener. 

    You can add additives like actives, different lipids for sensory modification or other purposes. For preservatives, if you are having an open jar container, perhaps it would be recommended with an antioxidant if applicable based on the lipids chosen. 
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