Small Homogenizer recommendations (for purchase)

Can I use a homogenizer to mix my pomade formula that contains Ceteareth-25? The overhead mixer creates too many bubbles and by hand is too slow. Thoughts?? Any help is greatly appreciated. 


  • I assume you are using the overhead mixer at a very high speed?  (Otherwise, they usually don’t add much air.)

    It seems like you are asking (1) whether you are safe to use a homogenizer with this emulsifier, and then (2) for recommendations for a homogenizer?   I’m pretty sure the answer in this case is Yes to number one, but regarding number 2, I think you should provide additional details in order to get the best recommendations. What is your budget, what size preparations you want to create, etc.
  • @suswang8 I appreciate the response. Yes the overhead mixer is usually at a higher speed  because the blade is so small it doesn't mix very well so I set it at a higher speed to mix better but in turn I get major bubbles. So I will be mixing small batches right now around 1500g. I saw one on amazon for a couple hundred dollars but the reviews said it does mix the contents in a 1500ml beaker well and thats the size I would be using. So to answer your questions are; around 1500g batches at a time and a few hundred dollars if thats even possible. Would a homogenizer be my best best or is it common to mix a batch that size by hand? Thanks again. 
  • Can i ask if you have tried purchasing a larger/better blade attachment?
  • @suswang8 That's definitely a thought 🤔I will try that! Thanks!
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