Surfactant system for pine floor cleaner gel.

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I am trying to develop a floor cleaner gel with pine oil. I have referred a few preliminary formulations which indicate a LABSA-NaOH system with pine oil acting as the thickener. But there are products (for ex. Evans Vanodine Floor Gel) with SLES and Lauramine Oxide as well which are LABSA free but in gel format. 

I am trying to understand which type of surfactant system is better suited for such a product. In the country I am residing, 1 kg of cleaner gel in local market costs around 2.3 USD. I am looking for a formulation which could be competitive in the market with similar performance. Please provide your valuable inputs.

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  • I tried to thicken this system in laboratory by adding pine oil to the neutralized LABSA but could not achieve the desired thickening. There are hardly any patents regarding such a product but this type of gel cleaner has a good market for sales. There were a few home care products specialist on this forum but I am unsure of their activity on this forum now. If anyone has any patent related to such a product please share.

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    It's the combination of LABSA and NaOH that causes thickening, from my understanding.
    I've not tried it myself, but do a quick search on LABSA and NaOH and you should see some results about it.
    Edit: Further reading is showing that it is pine oil in addition to neutralised (with NaOH) LABSA. 
    Have you tried the combination of all three ingredients? Have you checked your pH?
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