Too many bubbles in balm / de-gassing issue

Hi all,

We have a finished formula for a balm with mineral powders, and we are having trouble with too many bubbles for a cosmetic pour.
I'm looking for input on how to effectively de-gas!

The initial blending of the product requires a large immersion blender which inevitably will introduce the bubbles, followed by a high shear mixer.

The next stage is the de-gassing, and we have been having some success with using the immersion blender on a slower setting and popping the bubbles with heat as they rise to the top, but we want to avoid heating the product too much for the pour if possible.

Here are some factors we are considering trying:

- heating the product up more for the degassing process and allowing it to cool more before the pour
- using a stirring attachment on our heated hopper fill machine instead of the immersion blender
- using a vibrating attachment to help move bubbles to the surface during the degassing process
- economical ways to introduce vacuum into the manufacturing process that doesn't require a big investment in equipment (we are a small business)

Thanks for any and all input on how to solve this issue.


  • Changing the angle of the axis, adding baffles and increasing the temp during mixing might help. Just asking the obvious, but can't you just sit on it for a few hs?.

    Anyway, you haven't given much info to work with, like batch size, viscosity, process, and specially equipment. Ultimately, before making any investment or adaptation, you could hire a process engineer to consult. Most likely, making that investment will save your company a lot of time, and time is money. 
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