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I did a knockout experiment on a leave-in conditioner I was working on and found tocopherol to be the culprit for creating a greasy film when added at .1%. I tried incorporating tocopherol in the hot oil phase and also tried it in the cool down phase and got the same filmy result.

I purchased the vitamin E T-50 from Wholesale Supplies Plus, so I am not sure the purity is the problem.

Are there any other antioxidants I can use to preserve the oils in my formulations? I read on one of the posts here that tocopheryl acetate does not have any antioxidant properties and is mainly used for claims. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. 

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  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    @Sasse, first, I cannot think so little concentration of T-50 (commercial Coviox T-50 from BASF) would cause noticeable greasiness, so you may want to reconsider your results. Answering your question though: use rosemary oleoresin in the oil phase to mitigate auto-oxidation. Works well but does leave a light pastel color at 0.10%. Then again there is good 'ol BHT. Also, tocopherol acetate does not have much antioxidant potential - often misunderstood by formulators here -  but mixed tocopherols (Coviox T-50, T-90) absolutely do. 
  • @chemicalmatt Thank you for your help! I’ll check those ingredients out. 
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