Flowability of detergent powder

Who can help me in how to determine flowability of detergent powder in terms of %flowability I know that of Hausner ratio and comlexibility index using bulk density machine.


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    For the Housner Ratio, you will need the Tap Density Tester.
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    Measure the density of the bulk powder (ρB) and then the tapped density (ρT).
    After that use the formula HR= ρT/ρB
    Use the following table to determine the flowability of the powder blend based on the Housner ratio you calculated.
    Flowability characteristics based on Hausner Ratio and Carr Index
    In the table, you will have the compressibility index as well.
  • I'm very much aware of the above instrument I used it daily I need that of funnel or cone /time that can be calculated as %flowability
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    The flowability is not measured in mass/time, nor in %.
    The funnel test is to measure the angle of repose, which will give you basically the same thing 

    Table 1 Empirical relation between the flow properties and the results obtained with two wellknow powder tests repose angle and Hausner ratio measurements 40
  • Thank you very much for this one of my clients is demanding for 70-90% flow rate of detergent powder and I made him to understand the above method but it seemed not to understand the Hausner ratio, and compressibility ratio when I ask him the method he used in getting 70% flow rate as required above he said he used cone or funnel with stopwatch and the calculate Soo have try that but I couldn't get it
  • The apparatus with the funnel is very basic.
    Angle of Repose  Angle of Repose - Welcome to Burns Automation
    You calculate the angle of repose by measuring the height the diameter of the cone base.
    Angle of Repose  overview definition calculation measure application
    The funnel is standard, you can not use any funnel in the lab. 
    I guess they are talking about the Hall flow test, which is very similar to the angle of repose test, but it is used for metal powders. 
    In the pharmaceutical industry, we use only Housner Ratio, Compressibility index, or Carr Index. 

  • Great response you made my day I will search for hall flow, I appreciate your quick and details response
  • Awesome! Good luck with your project. 
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