Microspheres: The Next Generation

  • Silica

  • Nylon-12

  • Boron Nitride

  • Polymethylsilsesquioxane

  • Polymethyl Methacrylate

  • Vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane

  • HDI/trimethylol hexyllactone

By no means an exhaustive list, but it’s just to illustrate the type of material I’m talking about. 

Where can I find a comparison regarding the similarities and differences of microspheres? I’ve looked at quite a few manufacturer/distributor pages and they all seem to detail very generic/interchangeable characteristics.

I’m looking for more objective details like structure, relevant chemical composition notes, contrasting comparisons or usage suggestions, viable substitutions, etc. 

Worth noting, my main interests would be in the field of makeup or skincare, more specifically pressed/baked powders and moisturizers/serums/topical treatments.

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