Trouble Shooting Hydrosol

I am having a hard time with consistency of the Rose Hydrosol I am ordering from a supplier, does anyone else have this problem with Hydrosols?  Or know of a good supplier that makes consistent batches? I have tried wholesale supplies, natureinabottle and terrafirmacosmetics Any insight is appreciated.  


  • I would expect to see some variation from any botanical product due to difference between cultivation, season/location/climate of growing. You can get standardized portions of extracts but they will obviously focus on one or two major components.

    When you say consistency what is different- color, smell, clarity?
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Lack of consistency is why you generally don't find hydrosols used by large manufacturers.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Bottles make poor targets, that's why you have troubles shooting 'em :smiley: .
    Seriously, you could get pharmaceutical ones which are more consistent but still remain natural products or simply buy pure essential oils and add those (maybe dilute with preserved water).
    I've seen several hydrosols for sale which aren't preserved... I think that this is criminal.
    Hydrosols sound nice but they are just an upcycled side-product. It's nice for reducing waste but if you want some consistency, go with the pure essential oils, a perfume, pure extract (these will show batch-to-batch variability too), or whatever.
  • thanks for this @EVchem the variations are smell but also some are giving a tingly/burning sensation. Could be the citric acid in them?  
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