Gelling agent for clear low pH 2% salt cleanser - possible at all?

I have a cleanser formula with 10% decyl glucoside 2% lactic acid and 2% sea salt currently "gelled" by 1% sclerotium gum, which is both snotty, very expensive and turns it opaque (it is however very stable and has some potential skin benefits).

Are there any options (synthetic or whatnot) that could get me a clear formula and perhaps reduce cost? One option could be ditching gums altogether and going upping the amount of surfactant, although that's also expensive and it's nice and gentle as it is.


  • Oh and HEC unfortunately does not give a clear formula, likely due to the low pH / lactic acid.
  • @Zink You could use Sepimax Zen, although it ain't cheap either. One option is to mix Sepimax Zen with either Tara or Guar gum (they show synergy), so you'd need to use lees of your Sepimax. Not sure about the clarity of those gums at low pH, but it'd be worth trying. 
  • Good tip, on paper looks like it should work and it's cheaper than sclerotium gum ($77 vs $55/lb bought online).

    Any other options?
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  • @Zink I remember than a mixture of Magnesium Aluminum Silicate and Xanthan gum have also synergy even in low pH systems...never tried it though.
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