essence percentages ?

Hi everyone,

I studied a shower gel for 8 different essences.
I chose 2 essences to compare and did the experiment
Essence1 was tested 2% and 3% 
Also essence2 was tested same amount

Both percentages of the essence1 degraded thickening 

Does the thickening decrease as the percentage of essence increases?


  • It largely depends on what 'essence' you're using, as you've identified using Essence 1 and Essence 2. 
    Typically, if there's a degradation of thickening for x% of your essence, then increasing it to y% (where y > x) is going to exaggerate that degradation.

    That said, you can try it yourself by adding 0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 5% etc. and see what impact it has.
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