Whipped Shampoo

Hi everyone,
Has anyone made a whipped shampoo? I am interested in formulating my own, I have a product from Tangles And Beyond (Whipped Shampoo/Rhassoul Clay)   And I would like to create my own. From the ingredient list I have ascertained they used a melt & pour soap base which I have, there are no surfactants in the ingredient list, I want to add coco betaine, sci powder which I find in a whipped soap formulation. I'm thinking I could melt the soap base and add into the whipped base. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I just build on the whipped soap base?  Would appreciate any suggestions or formulations.
Thanks in advance    


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Soap is a surfactant so they do have surfactants in the product (or it won't work).

    Could you provide the ingredient list?
    What makes something "whipped"?  Is it just the inclusion of air?
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