Butylparaben to be phased out?

Pasting the link to the article for anyone interested in the news about this paraben. I wonder whether propylparaben may be next. 


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    As far as I did follow the paraben story, methyl-, ethyl-, and propylparaben will not be banned due to their sufficiently low lipophilicity.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Generally, regulators ban ingredients that aren't used very often.  Manufacturers have been getting away from butylparaben over the last few years so that makes it easier to ban it (if indeed that is what happened).  Looking at use levels in 2013, Butylparaben was used in about 5000 products whereas Propylparaben was about 10,000 and Methylparaben about 15,000.  Anyway, I don't think there are good replacements so don't think they will be banned any time soon.
  • It's part of phenonip, which is probably the most bulletproof preservative sold on the DIY market. I really hope it won't be banned...
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Perry said:
    Generally, regulators ban ingredients that aren't used very often...
    Or they are to some degree harmful to users and nature and are used in many different products of many sectors and are produced in huge annual tonnage. One of those rather rare examples is borax and boric acid (in Europe).

    It certainly is easier to ban a useless or rather non-profitable product just so authorities can keep up their rate and don't have to bother with layers which usually accompany any lucrative product... we're currently in such a situation here in Switzerland where economics and lobbying easily got reason and safety swiped off the table and where they didn't, pharma layers are keeping the status quo for two years by now, two years of millions of $$ (or rather CHF) of income for pharma industries, and the sales reps are even proudly bragging about it on how long they are likely to get the game going even though everyone knows that there will be a change because officially and according to law, it has already been decided. But what am I complaining about our little issues in our little country when you, my dear friends from the States, have a president with more than one such trump card up his sleeve (pun intended).
  • "Risk assessments are not considered directly relevant for the hazard identification of the substance.

    Comments regarding use, exposure, alternatives, and risks, if relevant, may be considered at later stages of the risk management process but is not relevant for the identification of the substance as a SVHC which is based on the hazard properties of the substance."

  • This would likely make "no all parabens" hyped up even more. :/ :/ :/

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