Which emulsifier is best for making silicone oil emulsion.

I am searching for the best emulsifier for making silicone oil emulsion. I have tried Tween 20 (poly sorbate 20%), IDEA and SLES. But no significant results found, after few days emulsion start to separate into oil and water. Please suggest me which emulsifier to be used for silicone oil (Poly dimethyl siloxane).


  • Use a blend of ethoxylated non ionic emulsifiers, Example use
    Blend of Oleth-4, Oleth-10 and Oleth-20 in equal ratio amount, most of the time ethoxylates will do the job
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    There are also special silicone emulsifiers most of which are silicone-derivatives themselves.
    Which one will work depends on what exactly you're doing, like w/si or si/w, type and amount of used silicone... so, there is not 'the best' emulsifier but maybe one (or several) which is great for a particular formulation from a particular formulator for a particular clientele.
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