Making a sulphate free moisturing shampoo for curly hair

Hello, please help me.

I want to make a sulphate free shampoo that is mild for curly dry hair and I am accessible to these surfactants: Cocamidoproply betaine, SCI, decyl glucoside, coco glucoside and Alpha olefin sulphonate.

I only want to use 2 blend out of these to make my shampoo. Or do I need 3? Please recommend what combo will be best for my hair type.

I also want to know if I can use xanthan gum to thicken or guar gum and poly quat 10. Which is best?

I only want to add glycerin and the polymers to this shampoo. Please recommend percentage. 

Thank you


  • @Rookayerh123 I'd choose pairs of surfactants that have interactions between each other:

    - either Cocamidoproply betaine and Alpha olefin sulphonate/SCI,
    - or Decyl glucoside and Coco glucoside

    If you only have Xanthan gum or Guar gum, I'd choose Xanthan gum. PQ-10 gives a bit of viscosity, but it's mainly used as conditioner (being a cationic polymer), which you also need in your formula.

    I wouldn't worry about adding Glycerin, but you can add a bit if you want (keep it not more than 0.5% because it can impair foam).

  • @ketchito thank you very much. Can I use both xanthan gum and polyquat in the formula and at what percentages do you recommend.

    Also can I add fragrance oil at 0.5-1% or do I still still need a solubilizer. 
  • Hey guys please I really need help with this formula.

    Alpha olefin sulphonate 28%
    CAPB 13%
    *i want to use an ASM of 13% that is mild enough for curly hair.

    Polyquat 0.3%
    Glycerin 1%
    Fragrance 0.5%


    For thickening, I would like to use xanthan gum but because of the poly quat I cannot. What % of guar gum can I use. 

    If I use a liquid thickner, then at what percentage. 

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