fabcon scent retainer

why some scent doesn't stick when after even I'm using encap?
can anyone recommend cheaper alternative to encap ? 
what is the difference between fixative and encap and what chemical is fixative?


  • @nelson Fixatives used in fragrances are usually hydrophobic polymers. In the case of caps, the ones for fabric softeners are meant to interact well with the cationic and deposit fairly well, releasing the oil once they are brittle (when the fabric dries) and there is some friction. 
  • can you recommend a cheap and effective scent retainer?
    I'm using .9% scent and .2% encap...
    out of 3 scent, only one remains when clothes were dried 
  • @nelson In here, you need to then push your fragrance manufacturers to give you more substantive fragrances. You could alternatively add a cationic polymer to add in deposition, but that system is very ensitive. 
  • is dipropylene glycol or propylene glycol advisable to use ?
  • @nelson Dipropylene glycol and Propylene glycol are mainly used as solvents (for diluting purposes), and they would impair the viscosity of your fabric softener (especially Dipropylene glycol), so I wouldn't use them. 
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