Exotic Oil re-testing

MaritMarit Member
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Is there a way to do a micro-quality test on exotic oils to see if its rancid or if it can still be used if it is past its expiration date?
The container has been open for a year and 6 months, but the oil has been stored in a temperature stable and dark environment, and it is a shame for it to go to waste if there is a way to re-validate the quality.


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Compare it to the specifications listed on the Certificate of Analysis. 
    Did you get one of those?

    Here's an example.  

    So, if this was your ingredient you would conduct all the tests listed in the characteristic / method column (e.g. peroxide value, specific gravity, etc.) and you would see if the raw material still met the original specifications. If it does, then you could probably still use it.  If it doesn't, then don't use it.
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