Exporting Cosmetics to Spain after Brexit - Help please?

Hi All -
As part of my business, I currently export promotional cosmetics to Spain on a reasonably regular basis.
After 31st December, the UK is no longer in the EU, and I am trying to establish what requirements need to be met to continue to export to Spain.

(there are many changes, eg - I will need to appoint what is known as a responsible person in the UK to enter the cosmetics onto the EU Cosmetic Notification portal, and hold the product information file with all of the safety data) - but my main query is if Spain will require a Sanitation Licence/Certificate to allow a product from outside of the EU to be allowed onto the market in Spain. Currently, we do not need one as the products have been coming to Spain from within the EU - but soon the UK will be treated the same as if the products have been coming from China or USA (for example) and I know that sending goods direct from China to Spain have required a Sanitation cerificate.

Does anyone have any knowledge of how the procedure is going to be after Brexit (and if so, how to obtain the correct licence/certificates)

Many thanks
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