Liquid handwash formulation

I am Ankita.I formulated liquid handwash with sles and capb ,phenoxyethanol and capryl glycol along with essential oil.My query is Color of my handwash is disappearing withing 15 days from manufacturing date.


  • @ankita I'd first ask if the color fades after 15 days exposed to sunlight or UV light? If so, you need to add a UV filter. If that's not the case, check for the pH and if your dye is acidic or basic (in case it's basic, it might be reacting with SLES, so you need to change to an acidic dye).
  • What color are you using? is it disappearing how ? some reds are notorious for fading away in light but I can't say without knnowing what colorant you're using.
  • ketchito ....I am using local cosmetic violet color which has acidic pH.

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    The last time I used violet it turned to turquoise when exposed to sunlight. You could see the change it was so fast. For a while I considered selling colour-changing shampoo. But no.
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  • What kind of pigment are you using to color your shampoo? As ketchito mentioned, your formula could benefit from a UV protector, that's what we did with our liquid hand soap when the color started to fade after being in direct sunlight for about a month. 

    But there's really no way of knowing if that's your issue without knowing what your whole formula looks like, with all components and percentages, and knowing more details about what is going on, if this change is happening during stability testing at high temperautures, or just sitting in your self undisturbed for 15 days.
  • Any uv absorber or uv protectant for handwash?
  • @ankita Benzophenone-4 is the most common and cheapest one for these type of products. You can also use Tinogard TT.
  • You could also use a buffer like Sodium Citrate & Ascorbic acid to aid stability. However, if the pH is fluctuating then you may want to change color it becomes painful. Good Luck!
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  • I would suggest a chelant as well.  Depending on the quality of your water you are using.   Also, is the color fading or shifting?  You are using essential oils as well that can change over time.  
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