which preservative would you choose?

Hi everyone...
I need to choose a preservative for my shower gel formulation. I used DMDM ​​H at the supplier's recommendation, but this is a protector with restrictions. my confidence was damaged.

I have specified 2 different protectors, but I cannot understand what to decide according to. The pH range of my shower gel is 5.5-6.

I was caught between "ethylhexylglycerin & phenoxyethanol" and "dehydroacetic acid & benzoic acid" mixtures. What is important for selection other than price comparison? thanks...


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Nearly all preservatives have restrictions in different places in the world. So, it's not surprising that DMDM has restrictions on it. Use it within the restricted levels and you'll be fine.

    But to your question, here is what you use as an important selection factor.

    Most important
    1.  Is it compatible with your ingredients?
    2.  Is it effective in your system?

    3.  Price
    4.  Can you get a reliable supply?
    5.  Does it go well with your marketing story?

    For your specific case, I think you just have to try both and see what works better.
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