Dimethicone vs Cyclomethicone for anti-soaping and skin feel?

Typically I've used 1% CPS350 or CPS1000 dimethicone to prevent soaping in certain moisturizer emulsions, but I'm wondering if cyclomethicone could do a better job and give better sensorials?

As far as I understand 1% dimethicone won't provide any tangible TEWL reduction effect, so perhaps a volatile silicone could be better?


  • Don't know where you're based, but in the EU it's looking likely that most of the cyclomethicones are going to be banned completely in the next few years, so I wouldn't recommend using them in any new products. As far as I know you'll be fine in the States
  • Very interesting, we do sell some to the EU at least but not from the EU (yet), what is the reasoning?
  • I believe it's to do with environmental factors, bioaccumulation particularly. They have already been heavily restricted in rinse-off products but it looks like a total ban is on the way.
  • @LincsChemist that’s extremely upsetting.. I know there’s was a ban of D4 and D5 In rinse-off products (due to toxicity to aquatic life) effective on 31 Jan 2020 in the EU, is there any new development?
  • @ngarayeva001

    There's a proposal underway to limit D4 and D5 to 0.1% in leave-on products as well

  • Thank you. I hope it won’t pass...
  • Guys does D5 expires? If this nonsense passes I need to stock up 😂 (for my personal needs I don’t sell products)
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @ngarayeva001 - it evaporates so in that sense...it expires. But it likely won't break down much over time.

  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    @ngarayeva001 Even if it would degrade before it evaporates or you're 6 feet under and don't need it any longer, degradation will be polymerisation or, in other words, it just gets less volatile and more viscous, like turning into dimethicone... absolutely safe to use even if degraded. It's not a fat, it can't go rancid.
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