Alkyl Glyceryl Ether's Performance as a Preservative?

How would Alkyl Glyceryl Ether
perform as a bacteriocidal and fungicidal preservative in O/W emulsions in the 5.0-6.5 pH range?

Does anyone have experience, knowledge of research, insights, opinions or speculation regarding the use, efficacy and stability of Alkyl Glyceryl Ether as a preservative for a cosmetic O/W emulsion  product with a target shelf life of 18 months?

What ingredients might be effective candidates to act as boosters and fortifiers to a preservation system that features Alky Glyceryl Ether as the main preservative?

Any comments and discussion about Alkyl Glyceryl Ether's performance as a preservative ingredient for cosmetic products would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


  • @Spadirect Not talking about the efficacy (which might be low for certain strains), being an ether you could expect that the presence of surfactants (especially non ionic) will make the ether more available in the oil phase of the emulsion rather than in the water phase, so it'd be better to add another preservative more water soluble. 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    My opinion is that it won't be suitable as a preservative. These ingredients are the boosters for standard preservatives.

    If they worked well enough, the industry would have switched to them long ago.
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