Water based (unorthodox) clay

Hi all, I have ran many trials to try to get this right 

recipe below 
Water - 35%
Peg40HCO - 9.5%
Polysorbate 80 - 4%
Glyceryl Sterate se - 1.5%
Carnuba wax - 6%
Castor Wax - 18%
Shea butter - 6%
Castor oil - 10% 

kaolin clay - 6%
Bentonite clay 4%

Phenoxethanol SA - 1% (added at or below 60c)

I hear on separen bowls, when everything I melted, I add the water into the oils and mix for a minute or two. 
Then I add the clay and bentonite into 
everything seems fine then right around 65c it starts to get a bit too viscous (I do add PE sa at 60c but at that point it’s already too viscous you pour. 

I already ran a few runs with lower wax %s 
is there anything I can change or add to keep things more flowing ? 
I’d like to pour at around 45-50c. 
Thanks for your help. 


  • The problem here is that your waxes have very high melting points. This means that by the time you get to your desired temperature range of 45-50c, your product is basically already solid. 

    To solve this, you could dramatically decrease the % of wax in your formula or try using different waces with lower melting points.
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