Looking for help developing liquid castile soap

I work for a company that produces cold process soaps in Hawaii. Our state is offering grants to manufacturers for producing PPE for the State since we had a really hard time getting it shipped in. This will guarantee our state will have it's own source "in house" so to speak.
We will also be able to add it into our product line and sell it, so we want it to fit with our other product lines which the liquid castile soap does.

In order to apply for the grant, we need to know all of the equipment, raw materials and consulting costs upon application. Due to the tight time schedule, we are hoping to hire a consultant that can formulate a recipe and give us a list of the manufacturing equipment we'd need to purchase. We don't want to miss anything and have the cost come out of our pocket, when the State is willing to cover all of the costs.

My question is, Do we hire a formulator for the recipe and then a consultant to help us scale up, or is there a company that can do both (ideal)?

Thank you in advance for any information or leads.


  • Hello,
    Please email me at Shilpi@skinveda.com. I might be able to assist you with both.

  • We produce a liquid Castile soap made from extra virgin olive oil. We use a saponification vat purchased from the USA. I have experience consulting remotely to companies in Africa on how to purchase, set up, and use the equipment, and also on the formulation.

    Email me at: mikethair@indochinenatural.com      I should be able to assist with both parts of your project.
    Dr. Mike Thair
    Cofounder & Chief Formulator
    Indochine Natural
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