Essential Oil % limit in leave on formulation

A few weeks ago I finished a natural deodorant stick deo (wax based) it works well and now I want to make a sodium stearate +glycerin gel stick deo ( I have no access to zemea and want to keep it natural)

1) on my wax stick I used safe synthetic fragances (safer choice), on my new formulation I want to use essential oils, im aware they contain sensitizers and toxic compounds. Is there a suggested % or limit to be used in a deo application? (juniper, lavender, citric,etc)

2) I have two antimicrobial blends to choose from a supplier: phenethyl alcohol+caprylyl glycol OR pentylene glycol+caprylyl glycol +ethylhexylglycerin. Which do you think would work and last longer? Im leaning towards the 2nd because it contains 3 compounds and I guess more antimicrobial action? also better solubility...


  • Where are you located? In the EU it is not the % of EO that is restricted but some components of the EO are limited, for example, eugenol.
  • If you are using essential oils then you should insist on a CoA from your supplier for each batch number you purchase (it's part of your GMP compliance). The CoA should have an allergens analysis. Using this allergens analysis for each oil, then you should do an analysis of the total allergens for your finished product. Then check if the level of each allergen is below published upper limits.
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