glyceryl monostearate, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol

Hi Friends!
Anyone has experience on glyceryl monostearate, stearic acid, and cetyl alcohol when they are used together? 

Thank you so much in advance


  • Hi @Dtdang . I used it in lotions. No problems encountered so far. 
  • @zacchaeus thank you so much.
    Is the lotion increasing the thickness when the these three ingredients increase? 
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    @Dtdang, yes the formulation will thicken increasing all three, but stearic acid is only useful when used with an alkali and/or the glyceryl monostearate (GMS) should be the GMS-SE (self-emulsifying) grade, which incorporates an alkali already. You may thicken more efficiently increasing only cetyl alcohol, BTW.
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