Help with hand cleaner


I'm having issues with the consistency and feel of a grit hand cleaner, it either seperates or feels bad. 

I'm interested in whether I can hire someone to help out?

I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is though 


  • DanDan Member
    Bit more details as to this:

    I know what ingredients I want to use in it, and also a basic guide on how to add and mix them.

    However in my trials the grit component either falls to the bottom, or it feels wrong.

    So I'm looking for assistance as to the correct ingredients percentages to use, and how to mix them in correctly. 

    I don't want to post the ingredients publicly on this chat. But I would like to work with a chemist to figure the issue out. They would need to be English speaking,  and preferably from Australia. 
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