How can I improve?

Hi to Everyone 

I'm working on a roll on, but the results are not what I want. leaves a white stain and does not dry after use. also, Shouldn't it dry faster because it's ethanol? 
I need your suggestions on the formula. Thank u very much

Etanol %18
Aqua %64
Propylene Glycol %2,5
Hydroxyethylcellulose %1,5
Glycerin %1,5
Preservative %0,5
Aluminium chlorohydrate %9,5
Peg 40 hydrogenated castor oil 0,5



  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    @filiz I suspect the propylene glycol/glycerin/cellulose blend is leaving a film behind making it feel "not dry." Aluminum chlorohydrate will leave a white residue behind always unless you use the micronized grade. Also, with 18%EtOH and AlClHy why use a preservative? No need.

  • @chemicalmatt ;

    This information is very valuable, thank you. For a long time I could not find an option to fix the formula. Do you have an alternative to the propylene glycol / glycerine / cellulose mix? Because there is a wet layer, you are right.

    I don't know the difference of micronized class. I did some research, but I could not find satisfactory information...

  • @chemicalmatt

    ++ I am considering adding sodium stearate instead of propylene glycol, but I know that propylene glycol prevents white spots. I can also try changing the% value without changing the chemicals. I'm not sure if it's the right approach.
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