How to incorporate oils in GEL POLYMERS without lost transparency?

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I am not expert in formulations I try to add oils into gels made with Aristoflex, velvet, avc, silk, sepimax zen.
I try to add 1:1 polysorbate 20 but is not working . I lost the transparency.

Somebody can help me with? 

Thank you.


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Use sucragel instead of a polymer or go with a polymeric oil gellant and avoid water ;) .
    The instant you have an emulsion, transparency is lost unless you add a lot of polyols and other high optical density ingredients to the water phase. True microemulsions would also work for transparent emulsions. Whether or not these are feasible with polymeric gelling agents, I do not know.
  • Polysorbate 20 at 1:1 isn’t enough. It is added at 4:1 as a minimum and with certain oils it’s more.
  • I Thank you guys I will look into sucragel but sucragel can be mixed oil and water?  because only oil will be too greasy. 
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Yes it can but usually will not be transparent for obvious reasons unless you create a HIPE gel (check out Alchemy Ingredients), a microemulsion or a proper micellar suspension. Each comes with advantages and drawbacks.
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    As @ngarayeva001 said using solubilizer with the right ratio will almost solve the problem. 
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